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VoIP Services

VoIP services can do the same things traditional, or analog, phone service can do. The key difference is that the Internet powers VoIP services. With a high speed Internet connection, you can get quality phone service delivered through the Internet instead of using your local phone company. VoIP services are sometimes called IP Telephony or Internet Telephony.

With VoIP services, the telephone handsets are called IP (Internet Protocol) phones and are essentially mini computers. They look and operate like regular telephones but they use the Internet connection, just like a computer, to operate. Therefore, people can use VoIP services to communicate wherever they have access to the Internet—unlike traditional phone service where you need a telephone jack.

VoIP services can be implemented using several different types of architectures and methods. The most common uses are for residential phone service and small business phone service.

Phonebooth is a small business phone system is powered by VoIP services.