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Small Business VoIP

Business VoIP solutions are numerous in today’s marketplace, and there are various ways to implement and manage those solutions. Most commonly, business VoIP is utilized through a hosted VoIP phone system.

Business VoIP using a cloud based (or hosted) platform is a popular choice among small business owners; it’s a cost effective solution that delivers lots of useful features and is quicker and easier to set up than a traditional phone system.

Small Business VoIP Diagram

How does small business VoIP work?

  1. Plug your VoIP telephones into the existing high-speed
    Internet connection.

  2. VoIP sends your calls across your existing Internet.

  3. Calls are routed by your service provider in the cloud.

  4. Employees in your main office, remote offices and those 
    working from home all  have access to the system, even if they use different Internet connections.