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Small Business Phone Systems

Small business phone systems are a smart investment for companies that want to look more professional, streamline operations and deliver the best possible service to their customers, prospects and partners.

Hosted VoIP is a type of small business phone system that delivers a big business phone experience at a small business price. With a hosted VoIP small business phone system, you get all the features you need to:

  • Save money: You can save up to 60% off the cost  of a traditional phone system by using a VoIP based small business phone system.

  • Help your employees do more: Increase productivity with features such as transcribed voicemail.

  • Answer calls on any phone: Call forwarding is a small business phone system feature that lets you easily send calls to your home line, mobile or both.

  • Seamlessly integrate temporary help: Set up call groups that can forward to any phone.

  • Sound more professional. A small business phone system helps you create a more professional calling experience with its auto-attendants, on hold features and more.