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Voicemail to Text Transcription
Imagine how much time you could save if you never had to call into voicemail again. No more time spent calling a number and having to navigate painfully agonizing voice prompts. Now you can read your voicemail with ease. Phonebooth transcribes your voicemail to text and sends it to your email inbox. We even attach the original audio file for review later. 

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User Management
Adding, removing and managing users has never been as easy as with Phonebooth. Managing your phone system is no longer a headache. From your online portal, you can adjust the number of users, add extensions, assign groups and configure call routing scenarios with ease.

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Personalize your business and give your customers a professional experience with a voice menu. "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Marketing, 3 to reach the person you want to reach without wasting your time." Simply click the number, add the user, group or auto-attendant you'd like behind that button and then record your script. Save your customers the frustration and your employees time with intelligent call routing. Auto-Attendants made simple with Phonebooth.

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Group Management
Sometimes one is the loneliest number. Use Groups to avoid being a single point of failure for your phone calls. Add all the Marketing folks to ensure you don't miss any press opportunities and ring every sales rep in the Sales group when a new lead calls in. Phonebooth makes this simple.