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  Equipment + setup + per line fees   $20 per user per month   $25-$50 per month
  $1,000 - $40,000 initial investment   No setup fee   Up to $500 setup fee
  Huge initial investment and contracts   No contracts, no risk or bait and switch   1 to 3 year contracts with termination fees
  4.5 to 9 cents per minute   Nationwide local & long distance included   Up to $50 per month and/or per minute fee
  $2-5 per number / per month   2 FREE phone numbers, $1 per month each additional   $2-5 per number / per month
  Not available on all, add-on charge for most   Unlimited Auto-Attendants and Virtual Receptionists   Additional charges
  As low as 3, additional charge for more   Unlimited Call Groups (sales, marketing, etc)   As low as 3, additional charge for more
  Unavailable on most systems   Unlimited Voicemail Transcriptions (read voicemails)   25-40 cents per message or $5-30 for monthly packages
  Add-on service up to $400 per mont15   Unlimited Conference Minutes and 2 Bridges Included   2-5 cents per minute or an additional $10-40 per month
  Up to $40,000 plus $400 a month and $40 per line per month   Only $20 per user per month! Start talking in 5 minutes!   Up to $500 plus $70 per month and $100 per month per line

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