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Business Phone Systems

Every business needs a telephone solution. It’s important to understand the different types of business phone systems available so that you can balance those options against your needs and select the right business phone system that works for you. The two most common types of business phone system are the traditional phone system and the hosted VoIP phone system.

Hosted VoIP is a popular choice among small business owners. A hosted VoIP is a business phone system that is different from a traditional phone system for one big reason—the PBX (server equipment) is IP-based and is maintained by a service provider off the business premises.

With a hosted VoIP business phone system, the only equipment delivered to the business location is the VoIP phone(s). All the functionality of the business phone system occurs “in the cloud,” and the business owner controls system set-up through an easy-to-use online portal. This makes it easy for non-technical staff to add users, create and modify calling groups and make other changes at the click of a button.