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About Phonebooth

Bandwidth Phonebooth TimelinePhonebooth is a division of Bandwidth Inc. - a nationwide supplier of voice and data communications services to small and medium size businesses. We are one of the largest and fastest growing telecommunications providers in the nation.

  • Over 10 years experience in the telecommunications industry
  • Built our own hosted VoIP phone system with over 30,000 customers
  • Fastest growing telecom company on the Inc. 500
  • Dedicated support, sales, and leadership team

Phonebooth OnDemand is a low-cost full featured business phone system. Pay for as many users as you need and add users as you grow. For just $20 per user per month you get unlimited local and long distance, with the business features that you need included. Auto-attendants, voice to text email transcriptions, conference calling, call forwarding and much more.


Phonebooth Timeline

Phonebooth Voip A simple, yet powerful business phone solution built by smart software guys and seasoned telecom veterans.
A lot of folks have asked about the Phonebooth OnDemand back story and what we do. We created this page to dispel some of the myths and let folks get a glimpse into the Phonebooth.

Where did Phonebooth come from?
As many business folks know, your phone experience is only as good as the network you're on. As a VoIP provider, we know that voice quality and reliability mean the difference from loving your phone company and switching to another provider. Luckily, we're rather excellent at offering both these sticking points. The idea for Phonebooth OnDemand  arose from the need for VoIP technology to provide services that businesses need and the innovation they want - like crystal, clear HD voice quality and a dependable phone service that will reach you wherever you are.

Phonebooth OnDemand is the brain child of many smart minds combined with years of voice and network experience. As a product division of Bandwidth Inc., Phonebooth OnDemand  uses the company's nationwide all-IP network that is lovingly operated, maintained and curated by CLEC, LLC - the iNetwork. Phonebooth OnDemand was the first to launch, and as it moved out of beta, Phonebooth Free was hatched and debuted at SXSW 2010. The Phonebooth Team is growing quickly. Our super savvy group and product support structure is a perfect complement to our nationwide network. We are picking up steam and will continue to make innovations to make Phonebooth OnDemand the best business phone system around.

What does Phonebooth mean to businesses?
Businesses use Phonebooth OnDemand to be faster, easier, smarter and more connected. Yeah we become the phone company, but hey, our customers love us because we're cooler than that. Feel free to call us an Internet company - we won't be offended. Our phone system is reliable, Web-based and exclusively for business, which means no waiting in line behind screaming kids, improved functionality and a fully developed U.S.-based enterprise support structure.

VoIP technology has driven Phonebooth OnDemand to become the telephone provider for business. Our simplified rate plans, easy to manage portal and reliability means one thing - You're now free to spend your time and money on your business, not on your telecom closet.