Save up to 60% per month.
One-low price, $20 per user.
Easy Setup. Instant Activation.
No contract, no risk.


Compare VoIP Service Providers

Many VoIP service providers advertise low, low prices starting at $9.95 for nothing more than just a phone number and some forwarding features. After you pay-per-minute and use their add-on features, your monthly bill ends up $25, $30, or more.

With Phonebooth OnDemand, your monthly bill is only $20 per user, per month. There's no fine print or hidden fees! Free your voice, and start building your phone solution today. Since there's no contract necessary, there is no risk if we don't live up to our promise. 

Compare VoIP Service Provider Plans
Equipment & Setup plus
per line fees
$20 Per User / Per Month
Only pay for as many as you need
$25 - $50 per user /
per month
$1,000 - $40,000 initial
No Setup Fee
Included in the price
Up to $500 setup fee
Huge initial investment
& various contracts
No Contracts
No risk or bait and switch here
1 to 3 year contracts
with termination fees
4.5 to 9 cents
per minute
Nationwide Local & Long Distance
Included in the price
Up to $50 per month
and/or per minute fee
$2 - $5 per number /
per month
2 FREE Phone numbers
$1 per month each additional
$2-5 per number /
per month
Not available on all
(Additional charge)
Unlimited Auto-Attendants
Included in the price
Additional charge
As low as 3 included
(Additional charge)
Unlimited Call Groups
Included in the price
As low as 3 included
(Additional charge)
Unavailable for most
Unlimited Voicemail Transcriptions
Included in the price
25-40 cents per message
or $5-30 for packages
Up to $400 per month
(Additional charge)
Unlimited Group Conferencing
2 FREE Bridges included
2-5 cents per minute
or $10-40 per month
Adds up to $40,000 plus
$400 a month and
$40 per line per month
All features included, only $20 a user!
Start saving today
Adds up to $500 plus
$70 per month and
$100 per line per month
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Why we're confident you'll love us...
If you need a real VoIP business phone solution, we're confident that Phonebooth OnDemand will give you more for your money. Feel free to look at the competition, but we kindly ask that you consider the following, so that you aren't comparing apples to oranges.

We control the nationwide VoIP network.
Many over-the-top solutions use multiple networks that they do not control which may affect call quality.

We include the Fortune 500 phone features and unlimited minutes you need.
Some competitors charge for individual features or minutes and as your company grows... so will your cost.

We love our customers and help free their voices from long-term contract.
Purchasing a phone system isn't always an easy decision. Look for a company that doesn't tie you in to long-term contracts. Are you seeing a bait and switch before you even get started? When you click a price that says $9.95, are you taken to a plan that is $40 per month? Odds are this is a sign of what is to come.

Phonebooth OnDemand is $20 per user, per month and includes all the minutes and business features you need with no risk.