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SMB Innovator Awards Judges Tell Us: What does small business innovation mean to you?

by Lori Philbin on November 27th, 2012
SMB Innovator Awards

As we gear up for the final week of submissions for the SMB Innovator Awards, we asked some of our judging panelists to weigh in on what SMB innovation means to them. Hopefully it will inspire you to submit your business and tell us how innovation is powering your success!

“Innovation is the heartbeat of American business. It’s what drives creativity, pushes ideas and keeps our economy moving forward. SMBs lie at the center of this activity—they’re the ones, sometimes inadvertently, willing to face the risks of starting with nothing and emerging with a tangible product or service, or taking something and transforming it. Innovation, at its best, is magic.”
-Rieva Lesonsky, President and CEO of GrowBizMedia and Editor of SmallBizDaily

“To me, SMB innovation could fall within a variety of categories. It could be a specific person who is a thought leader in the industry, a technology that surpasses its competitors and is designed to further those involved with SMBs or a specific service that will work to grow and increase the unique needs of SMBs.”
-Regina Ciardiello, Editor of SMB Nation

“Doing something great with the resources you have, no matter how scarce. All the better if you do so when seemingly everyone else tells you why you’re probably going to fail.”
-Kevin Casey, SMB Writer at InformationWeek

“Valuable SMB innovations allow a small business to leverage growth or improve productivity in a way that levels the playing field with larger competitors. Larger businesses typically have human, financial, and operational resources that allow for more targeted, flexible, or aggressive strategies and tactics. Any innovation that allows small businesses to be competitive in that space would be valuable!”
-Clemens Rettich, Owner and Business Coach, Clemens Rettich Business Consulting Ltd.

“Embracing the possibility of failure, in small business, proportionately increases the likelihood of success. When you are a small business, you have the luxury of being more nimble, but you also take on significant risk. Innovation is not possible without great courage and the ability to follow your own path, even if it means going against accepted and expected norms.”

-Jim Mulcahy, EVP and General Manager, Phonebooth

What does small business innovation mean to you? Tell us in the comments below or better yet—submit your company or a company you know for the SMB Innovator Award!

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