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Case Study: Travel Agency Finds Instant Connection with Phonebooth Business VoIP

by Lori Philbin on November 2nd, 2012

Raquel Segura, CEO and Owner, AiresLibre Travel

AiresLibre Travel is an agency based in Florida specializing in customized excursions to Europe (such as fashion trips to Paris for women or family trips to Italy). CEO and Owner Raquel Segura founded AiresLibre in 2009 when she decided it was time to follow her passion for travel. Because of her on-the-go management style and an endless variety of global destinations, she needed a first-class business phone solution to keep up with her busy schedule.

The Challenge
Find a business phone system that provides a reliable connection, easy mobility and cost effectiveness.

Because of Raquel’s previous corporate career, she knew a lot about what she didn’t want: the cost of a PBX system, a provider that was not globally reliable and the inability to easily forward calls.

“What I needed was a phone system that could keep up with me,” said Raquel. I needed it to transfer to various devices as I moved around the globe traveling or visiting clients. And I didn’t want to pay a lot of money.”

Raquel also wanted a phone system to help maintain her company’s professionalism. With two offices but only two employees, it was important that AiresLibre’s capabilities shined. That meant a phone system that could easily transfer calls from one line to the next, even internationally. It also required a system that allowed individuals on opposite sides of the world to check and respond to each other’s voicemail.

The Solution
Phonebooth, a cloud based phone solution that’s affordable, flexible, and can move with the business.

Raquel ported three lines over to Phonebooth business VoIP from her previous provider and is now able to get a clear connection from a variety of global locations. Phonebooth also has the ability to forward calls to any other device, so now wherever Raquel goes, her calls are sure to follow. And at the low price of $20 per user, Phonebooth is just the economical answer Raquel wanted.

“Phonebooth gives me peace of mind that customers can always find me, even when I’m on the road. It also offers an excellent price point,” says Segura.

The Results

Better Connection, Even in Europe
Raquel feels that switching to Phonebooth made all the difference in the world. “My previous provider, which was free, gave me the mobility but not the quality connection or reliability. I’d have calls drop in the middle of client conversations, or the voice quality was distant and sounded static-y.”

But with Phonebooth, Raquel says, things are different. “Now my calls are reliable and clear-sounding—even when they’re forwarded to my partner in Paris. The connection is solid, clear and I don’t worry about calls dropping. Phonebooth allows me to concentrate on my business, not the connection.”

Full Mobility and Peace of Mind
Since Phonebooth offers mobility that transfers calls to wherever you are, AiresLibre is always within reach of its customers. And if by chance Raquel is unavailable, Phonebooth lets her business partner check her voicemail and respond to clients in a timely manner. This system helps AiresLibre present a stronger, client-focused business image.

“At AiresLibre we stay busy, and we’re always on the move. Phonebooth OnDemand is the first system I’ve found that can actually keep up with us in a variety of locations, never missing a beat. If the phone rings and I’m not available, it forwards to my business partner’s line in France.

“Now I never have to worry about missing an opportunity because of my phone system. It does everything we need it do and it meets our budget, which is a terrific bonus.”

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